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I hosted our first Sparhawk family Thanksgiving this year with my parents and brother participating. Robby and I were in charge of the turkey, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, pumpkin pie and I attempted my first chocolate meringue pie. Robby bought an infrared  oil-less turkey fryer and injected his turkey with a butter/herb solution and it turned out juicy and great. I roasted my turkey with an herb rub on top and it turned out a little more dry then Robby’s, but still pretty good. It is hard to mess up a green bean casserole so of course if nothing else turned out that was our back-up dish :). The best were the pies! We played a new game called Imaginiff  and even my Dad participated which is unusual unless it is a trivia game. We played some Clue and Scene-It (my Mom called herself a weak player on Scene-It and ended up winning the game). Joseph loves some turkey which is good because we have plenty left over! I am going to call it a success and entertain the thought of hosting more family for the Holiday when we get more space!


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