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Before everyone groans and grunts because I am going to talk about losing weight and how hard it is, just hear me out. I am frustrated because there was a time in my life I could mentally run that extra ten minutes that would turn into twenty and so forth, but for some reason my mind is so exhausted by the end of the day I cannot convince it that I need to do those extra workouts. So I am asking anyone out there how do you mentally go there when you have little ones. It seems my boys exhaust my brain by the end of the night and all I want to do is fall into bed or relax and not have to think. I know I can go there I have done it before. I can do anything that I put my brain to usually, but it is scary that I feel like I cannot do that anymore. Any suggestions?


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  1. You are going to laugh at me. I was at spin class today and it was a ATI ride. which means we had to go above and beyond ‘The Blue Line” of Anerobic Threshold into zones 4 & 5. If you are unfamilar with zone training, um, you know in Biggest Loser during their first workout and everyone is purple faced, gasping for air, and without words to curse Bob out? That’s it. For me to be in zone 4 I had to have my heart rate up tot 198. It sucked. Anyway, the way I got there was to imagine my kids behind me sitting in one of those bike trailers. I was was pulling them up a steep mountain with a mob of hungry zombies running after me. It worked. Another tip (I recommend this after you’ve recouperated from having the baby). Trying jumping rope. You don’t need a rope. I plan on doing a blog post about it eventually. I’ll admit its a little uncomfortable, especially after having 3 kids ;). Try setting your oven timer on for a minute and jump in your kitchen while the boys are eating breakfast. Do it 5, 10, 15 times a day and you will build up your endurace to 5-10 minutes at a time. 15 min of jumping rope burns as much calories as 30 minutes of jogging 😉

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