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Everyone’s Purpose

I was recently talking to a friend and we were discussing blogging. We both love to read blogs and would love to have one of those blogs everyone else reads, but we were coming up short of topics. Everyone who blogs seems to have a purpose to their blog and look at me this is the first post I have made in a year. I guess I need to figure out the purpose of my blog and then just go for it. I feel in April I probably will not have much time to blog, but I also feel if I do not take the time then I will probably go insane, so I am going to commit to one post a week starting today, and I feel my blog’s purpose will unfold itself as I type my thoughts.


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One thought on “Everyone’s Purpose

  1. Yay for blogging!!! I find that the more I blog the more I find during the day to blog about! Love you!

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