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2012 Goals

I was reminded politely by myself that there has not been a year since 2008 that I have not been pregnant, lol. No this is not one of my New Year’s “resolutions” as it would already be broken because I am due in April. I have some goals that I would like to set for 2012 and then I am telling everyone who reads this how I am going to accomplish those goals and why they are important which means you all are part of my accountability.

Physical Goal: Leave my hair long, but change the style once every three months. This goal will help me remember how much better I feel when I “fix-up” and also help me remember to keep my hair healthy by taking care of it (getting it trimmed). So often because I have two boys and stay at home, I do not bother to take care of it, but this year I want my healthy hair back 🙂

Mental Goal: Read one book a month to keep my mind fresh and focused. It can be fact or fiction, but somewhere in having children I lost my love for reading and I am demanding it back this year. I want my children to enjoy reading and children tend to mimick people, so I am praying it will catch on.

Spiritual Goal: Pray without ceasing. I am going to choose a family (besides my own, they get prayed for already) each month to pray for constantly, and ask God to reveal specific issues or requests they might have so I can lift them up for a month. I need to focus on prayer and crying out to God for other people.

Financial Goal: Put $5000 towards Robby and I’s student loan debt. Robby and I went through financial peace university last fall and made some progress on the debt snowball, but we sat down and set a goal for this year so that we would really focus on every extra dollar going towards debt. We already do a zero balanced budget, but I have looked to see where we could cut some expenses to get this goal accomplished.

Health Goal: Get Robby’s blood pressure down so he is around to watch his kiddos grow up. We are heading into a low sodium diet at this house. Eating fast food is down to once a month or not at all which is a tough goal, but we have done it before and as soon as it becomes habit we will be fine. This takes me planning down to the detail what we will eat for all three meals everyday and what we will snack on in between.

Organizational Goal: I am pretty organized, but I am about to have to double that effort since I am going to have three children that are under the age of four. I am planning a month’s worth of menus at a time right now, and my goal is to freeze a month’s worth of low-sodium dinners by March. Little Esther is due at the beginning of April and month one and two of newborn babies are tough, so I would like to have easy access to quick dinners.

Children Goal: Joseph-potty train, James-find an effective method of discipline, Esther-nurse for a year

These are my 2012 goals and of course I need prayer and some accountability. I thought hard about this and was surprised at some of the goals God placed on my heart (especially the hair thing, lol). It is always the little things 🙂 Ultimately, I am responsible for myself and all these goals are going to happen one day at a time over the span of 2012, but they are written here for me to be reminded how important it is to check my progress and reevaluate every once in a while.


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3 thoughts on “2012 Goals

  1. Leah Oliver on said:

    Okay so you have motivated me to post and I love your categories!!!! I’m stealing this idea and I’m praying for you and your goals…love the idea about a family to pray for…it gives your prayer time intention and focus and sometimes I can just ramble..ha ha who knew right?

  2. deidra mitchell on said:

    I love your heart becca. I just said a little prayer for ur family. We just finished Dave Ramsey as well it is amazing I know Yall can do it. Congrats on ur baby girl. You all are very blessed.

  3. Love these ideas, sound great!!

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