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I really enjoy staying home most of the time and know that this is where God has put me. I have no desire to send my children to daycare/preschool nor do I have a desire to return to a typical work environment anytime soon. However, my children have been sick for the last month, Robby has not felt good due to high blood pressure, and I have had this continuing naggy cough/sinus thing. We have never really had a season of sickness and have never really had sickness an antibiotic cannot take care of…we are run down. I am ready to rid my house of all this sickness and for the boys to be running around yelling, playing, and fighting again. I am ready to have the energy to take them places twice a week again. I am ready for Robby to get his blood pressure down so he can feel better. Today for the first time in three days Joseph was back to his chatterbox self, so hopefully that is a step towards his healing. James is cutting teeth and apparently they are some incredibly painful ones as he just cries and doesn’t know what he wants about four hours of the day/night. I have exhausted myself trying to keep up with disinfecting/sanitizing laundry and taking care of keeping things clean so that the germs will GO AWAY! Tomorrow is a day of rest for this house and hopefully healing. So, I guess I am saying this last month was very difficult being a “stay-at-home” Mom and there were many days I wanted to drop the boys off at daycare and play “hookie” from work, but having been a working Mom I know that is not how it usually works. Usually, working Moms have no vacation time to drop their children off and play “hookie” because they have used them to take care of sick children. This too shall pass 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Sickness

  1. 😦 I’m sorry everyone is so sick! I’ve been praying for you guys! Lifted your sweet family up at Mass…that’s the best kind of prayer! Hugs!

  2. Aww…I hope you guys are all better soon!!! I’m glad Jobert is feeling better, hopefully JL will get better soon, I hope those teeth erupt soon!!!

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