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Wow, satan sure has a way of attacking when people began to seek God. My marriage and home have been under attack for the last week simply due to the fact I am talking to God more. The boys have been pushing boundaries and patience levels to an all time high, and Robby and I cannot seem to be on the same page about anything. I am feeling exhausted and worn down trying to keep everything together. My home feels like a war zone sometimes, oh wait it is, we are just fighting with each other instead of uniting together to fight against satan. It is okay though because I know I am equipped to fight back and I know who wins in the end 🙂 I hope satan is not attacking the family I am praying for as much as he is attacking my family right now, but if he is I am continuing to pray against it! My prayer this week for anyone reading this is that if your family is under attack like mine that you will pray against it and unite together under God  to come against satan and his attacks. Satan has a major grudge against families, especially families who are trying to do the right thing according to scripture and it is an everyday battle to keep him out of the game.


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