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It is so crazy to think that after almost ten years of pursuit I am finally done with my Bachelor’s. I turned in my final assignment last night around 10:15 pm, and it feels great to have finally finished. I will be honest there were many times when I wanted to quit, but for some reason after I had children it was easier to persevere. There are times when I think am I ever going to use this management degree because right now my heart is staying at home with my children and homeschooling them then I think my gosh I am using it everyday. I just don’t get paid in monetary units. I manage our budget, the boys (which can be very difficult some days), chores, doctors visits, dentists visits, and the general well being of our family. One day I will either own and operate a fitness studio or a non-profit organization dealing with orphans, but for right now our family is my priority. I am just happy to have finally finished. Most days were pretty easy, but I remember staying up until 2am to finish an assignment when James was still nursing, and right after I turned it in, he woke up to nurse and never went back to sleep. Some days I felt I had conquered Mt. Everest just by completing the bare minimum. I am done with something I started almost ten years ago when I graduated high school, and it feels great!


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3 thoughts on “School

  1. HOORAY! I’m so excited for you and proud of you. I knew you could do it and you deserve more than a degree doing it with two kids and pregnant. Love you bunches sister!

  2. Good job girlfriend!!! I think you’re amazing & I am so proud of you!!!

  3. Rachel on said:

    Yay! you are amazing for getting that done with two kids to take care of.

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