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My Husband

He probably will not read this, but I am going to state publicly how grateful I am for Robby and what he does for our family. I often forget to tell him how much I appreciate the sacrifices he makes so I can stay at home with our children. I realize for as much as I gripe when he needs to work on his latest “project” (car) or is thirty minutes later from work, I should be encouraging him ten fold. He is an active Dad meaning he makes a huge effort to hang out with me and our children and do activities they enjoy. Every day the weather has allowed he has been outside running around with them and just genuinely enjoying them. I on the other hand, have been the exhausted housewife, little Esther has put a damper on the amount of physical activity I can do with the boys without going into pain or extreme exhaustion. It is times like these I know why God gave us each other. We are a team, and when one cannot perform completely the other picks up the slack. We are still working out some kinks because we are only a little less than three years into our marriage, but we are working together. I am not sure he realizes how much he helps me, but just this week he got the boys out of bed three times, even on work days, and waited until last minute to wake me up. We are about to know incredibly hard and tiring times, but that is why there are two of us 🙂 I would not trade my children for the world, but three under three is rough, but together we can do it. It is amazing to see how God took this move to Denton and brought people into our lives to draw us closer to Him and each other. I love him more every day and I cannot wait to grow old with him, oh wait we already are 🙂


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2 thoughts on “My Husband

  1. Leah Oliver on said:

    oh Bekah I needed to read that…how I love your insight and wisdom. So thankful that God moved you closer to us and that He gave you such a precious family. I’m always so proud when I talk about you with three kids under three. I know ya’ll can do it!!!! Love you bunches and bunches.

  2. Aw Bekah…you should print this out for Robby to read, he will really appreciate that!!! You guys are awesome!

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