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I am going to give my opinion on two recent happenings that I have seen many comments and articles about on facebook (sometimes it is my only news source, lol). I am a highly opinionated person, although I have learned that to speak loudly is not always the best way to articulate your opinion nevertheless it has been a while since I have spoken out about subjects and I think it is time. Bear in mind these are my opinions based on my belief and value system.

Situation 1: Father shooting up his daughter’s laptop due to facebook post.

First, all I have to go by on this opinion is the video the father posted. Although, I believe it is unwise as a parent to act out of anger, I do it many times especially between the hours of 3:30 and bedtime. I believe shooting the laptop was what the father felt to be justified anger or maybe in his previous warning (1st time it happened) he had warned her he would shoot it. His daughter had just disrespected him and his wife as hardworking parents trying their best to teach their children how to grow up in reality. Reality meaning that fifteen year old has household responsibilities because if she wants to survive later in life on her own than she needs to know how to do laundry and make her bed. Also bear in mind, she would not have had the laptop had her parents worked hard to provide her with it seeing as she did not have a job. According to the video, he warned her something like this would happen if she posted another disrespectful note, so I find it interesting that people think he went to the extreme. She was testing his boundaries by posting another note, she had already been warned of the consequences, and now she is reaping them because she proceeded with the action. If this girl would have posted a note like this about her boss, say when she is 23 fresh out of college and on a successful career track, she would probably be fired. Many comments centered on she is fifteen, everyone resents their parents at fifteen, and maybe that is so, but it does not excuse the behavior. It is okay to have feelings of resentment, justified or not, but children have to learn to not always act on those feelings otherwise life is going to pretty rough for them. I will say just having saw the video and not knowing any other circumstances surrounding the situation that the father was right in his actions. If the Dad would have not followed through with his warning, she would have thought it okay to continue to disrespect him and her mother. There is a healthy balance in discipline, you cannot completely control your children, but you do need to teach them boundaries, especially those boundaries that teach them to respect themselves, others, and reality.

Situation 2: Obama-care requiring religious institutions to provide abortion services and contraceptives.

I am of the opinion of the Catholic Church and Christians on this one. It is in direct violation of freedom of religion. I don’t pretend to know much about politics even though I have my opinion about them and about the people that trade money for their values (which is not all of them), but that is beside the point. WARNING: I am about to go on a rant. How dare you tell me that if I run privately funded Christian organization I have to provide my employees with things that kill or cause harm to innocent human life. Life and death are in God’s hands, period. I cannot for the life of me think of why anyone who claims any kind of Biblical value system would think otherwise. He is the creator of all things, it is not a question of women’s rights according to Christians, it is a direct violation of God’s commands which has to do with religious freedom. I am also going to say that the Father who provided his sperm should also be allowed his rights in these situations. He may not have to carry the baby or give birth, big deal, that is easy compared to the actual parenting part any woman who has given birth can tell you that, so if he wants that responsibility he should get a say.



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  1. I have to say that I think it’s funny that the father shot his daughter’s laptop…poetic justice. He didn’t shoot his daughter so who cares??? As for the Obama thing…I have no words, I am tired of people thinking that it’s okay to legislate morality.

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