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Goals Update

I think it is safe to say that my mental goal is going the best, but because it is going so well my spiritual goal is also doing great. I have completed twelve books since the beginning of the year including The Hunger Games series, The Harry Potter series,20 and Counting, and Boundaries with Kids. I am now doing a devotional type book The Power of a Positive Mom that Robby gave me early for Valentine’s Day because I needed a new read. He also gave me The Power of a Positive Wife which will be my new devotional when I complete this one. The reading has been catching on with the boys, today Joseph and I sat down for about fifteen minutes and I read a book to him then he tried to read it back to me by pointing out various objects he recognized on the page. He sort of made up his own version. James continues to flip through, and will occasionally let Robby or I read one or two pages to him.

I picked my February family for prayer, and they seem to be going through a major rough patch lately. This family has little if any faith, so handling the hard times is a lot tougher.

We have put $250 extra towards debt so far, which is about what I averaged out per month, so we are on the right track, but could use some improvement. This is where my new business venture comes in, I have started selling Mary Kay to try to bring in a couple hundred extra dollars a month towards our debt snowball. This was a huge decision, but getting a part-time job seemed next to impossible between trying to figure out Robby and I’s scheduled and there would never be a guarantee I would get the hours I needed. I am not going to lie, I am a little scared, but I think God has been nudging me towards this for a while so here I go. My goals are small because of the little ones, but just the extra couple of hundred a month will make a huge impact on our debt and to me that is worth it!

I do not salt anything I cook, lol. People that visit my house can attest to that. Robby’s blood pressure is staying within normal range except when something is going on at work. I am not doing a great job keeping sweets out of the house because I assume he won’t eat them (not the case) so I am working on that.

I have started planning a month’s worth of menus, but I have not cooked and frozen anything yet, so I need to get started on that!

Joseph remains completely opposed to using the potty (not sure what this is about), will not even sit on it. I am trying to talk the language with him, but so far it has not produced any results. James continues to be stubborn and it depends on what he is doing if the discipline method is effective or not.

As for my hair, I am excited as I think I am going to be able to get it trimmed by my girl in Lubbock in March 🙂 I fix it now and then, but only when we are going out so it is not incredibly healthy right now.


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One thought on “Goals Update

  1. This inspires me every time I read your goals! I need to sit down and write mine out so that I actually work towards them! Way to go, Boo!

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