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Growing Up

We all do it right, lol. I have this interesting relationship with my children’s growth…one hand says when they are older they might not need me as much (you know the constant need that only a mother knows because of course they do not bang on the door or bug Daddy when he takes retreat behind a locked door or you have to lay down with them because…well just because your Mom) case in point Joseph is incessantly banging on the door saying Mama, Mama, Mama and every time I ask him what he needs he stops (his Dad thinks it is funny and some days it might be, but I am nursing a three week old and taking care of two toddlers, time alone is precious).  It is a constant growth process even for me, but some days I wish they did not need me so much, but I am not sure that passes until they find God’s grace and learn to depend on Him. I do not want them to grow up too fast because they are only young once, but getting them to an age where they can fend for themselves when I am exhausted would be nice.


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