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Parenting is a joy, but oh so hard. I have found myself comparing my mothering to others more than I used to, and I am not sure why. Maybe this post will help me figure it out. There are so many activities I would love for my boys to be a part of especially as I watch Joseph transition from toddler to preschool, but I am feeling so inadequate about my ability to teach him. I feel some of this is stemming from everyone deciding they have the best parenting method, and all the sudden people care about how other people parent. I think it interesting as I have watched it unfold from when Joseph was a baby…other people are into my business as a parent a lot more than they used to be, and maybe it is because I have three so young. I just feel overwhelmed with all the directions everyone tells you to go with your children. I did not used to do this, usually I am the type of person who says you do whats best for your family and I will do what is best for mine, and trust God to guide Robby and I to what is best for my family, but here recently I have felt so inadequate. I second guess my decisions and go back and forth about what to do, and the reality is in my heart I know what is right. I let people talk me out of what I think might be best for the kids because the alternative is “easier” or “cheaper”. I want the boys to grow up in an environment that fosters their strengths and God given abilities, but focuses more on their character. It is hard to be a parent in today’s society and maybe it was this way back then also, but for some reason I doubt it…people weren’t as into what other people were doing back then. I just feel pulled in every direction and I need complete quiet with my children to pray, regroup, and move ahead. There is not a moment of quiet and I am not really getting anytime to sit and evaluate my children and were they are at. I want to figure out their love languages and cater to that, I want to learn an effective method of discipline (so many people think they know what is best on this one), but until I get to really have some time to think about them and what makes them tick I cannot do that. I think that is why I am feeling so inadequate…I know my children, but feel very limited in my knowledge. I am tuning everyone except God out and am going to take time to reflect on my children.


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One thought on “Inadequacy

  1. Sarah on said:

    Say the word & I’m there!!! I know you’re struggling but I also know that you are a great mom!! You have great kids!!! As for everyone out there telling you what to do, just block it out & follow your heart because God will tell you. Trust your instinct!!! I love you!!!!

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