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My heart was heavy all day yesterday and even more so when I went to bed about nine CST. Somehow I knew the outcome of the election. My heart is sad because we have chosen to elect a fiscally irresponsible president who endorses abortion. It tells me the state of the people in our country and that makes my heart heavy. I prayed all day yesterday and cried off and on because I knew the majority of the people of the USA have turned their backs on God. It is with heavy conviction that I say this and I truly do not mean to offend anyone, but you have to understand when I profess Christ it means my beliefs line up with the Bible and I will have to answer to decisions I make that do not. I do not claim to be perfect and praise God for forgiveness, but non-believers do not fall under the grace of God through Jesus. I do not want my children to be raised in a land where their lives are not protected especially when they are not born.  People will always be more important to believers than money and when the United States elected Obama, it made me realize people are not the most important anymore.  Putting aside the economy, I already feel I have to protect my children from predators all the time, but it is just going to get worse. When the elected has no regard for what God calls an abomination, it is no longer just someone in the White House, it allows satan strongholds and that never turns out well. My life does not belong to me it belongs to God, and I made that choice. I am crying right now because the USA has proven itself as a nation turning from God and I do not wish my children to grow up in that environment, I want something better for them. I am praying for change, for God to reveal Himself to the lost of our nation and I will respect our president because I am told to do so, but all the while I am praying God will reveal Himself to Barak Obama. I know that Jesus was what most people today consider a socialist, but it was to show the glory of God, not to gain power. It is the underlying state of the heart that matters and God is after hearts. God is still in the business of change, especially changing people’s hearts. May all the believers be on their knees asking God to reveal Himself to our nation.


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