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I’m disappointed

I realize there is a lot of pressure from people who like to make a lot of noise about issues such as abortion and homosexuality for institutions and conservatives to side with them and their arguments. I’m venting here because for once I thought that an organization would stand up to all these people bullying believers and traditionalists and hold to their values. And yes, that is what these people are, bullies…they try to push their ways down people’s throats and make people like me, who essentially just want to protect my family and consequently keep my parental rights because OH MY GOODNESS, I actually want them, out to be bigots and racists. First, let me clarify, I am not a bigot nor am I a racist, but I am a conservative and I know many people do not think that is possible, but that is just their bigotry and racism showing. Here’s the thing, I want my boys to be boys, I don’t want to emasculate them, there are way to many emasculated males out there due to a wonderful (note my sarcasm) movement we call feminism. Here is where society is all backwards, boys being boys means a whole slew of things, but society has tried to compartmentalized the genders and out of that has come this great obsession with homosexuality and gender confusion, and yes it is an obsession. I am a believer, God does not make mistakes, I’m female because I was supposed to be. I worry about my daughter, but not near as much as I worry about my sons…they have a massive battle ahead of them and one of the organizations I thought I could depend on to help them process all this confusion has decided to cave to the bullies. Many people are saying it’s no big deal, but these bullies take a mile when you give them an inch…don’t give them an inch and Boy Scouts just did. I’m disappointed.



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2 thoughts on “I’m disappointed

  1. I am sorry you’re disappointed, but I also think it’s no big deal. We’re talking about boys, not men, engaging in traditionally male social activities like wilderness skills, sailing and community service. There aren’t any merit badges for anthropology, marriage and family dynamics or dating. No one should be excluded for orientation preferences that are entirely unrelated to the activities of scouting, any more than non-Christian religious persons should be excluded (they aren’t). It’s not bullying. It’s acceptance that boys who might (or might not – a bit early to tell) become gay men as adults, can still benefit from engaging in “manly” outdoor and indoor activities. It’s just being sensible and realistic.

    • I would like to agree with you Invisible Mikey, however, our society and education system has become increasingly fascinated with introducing children to sex/gender definition at younger ages every year. I personally feel like it’s a slippery slope and that the scouts made a bad judgement call. In a world that is becoming scarily obsessed with sex and gender definition, (I believe it is the parents who should address all the “sex talk” to their children, not the education system) it’s a downhill road. It’s not about what they get the badges for, it’s what they could possibly become exposed to during the scouting. I would never knowingly allow my 12-17 year old sons to spend the night in the same room/tent with females who aren’t family and I wouldn’t knowingly let them spend the night in the same room/tent with males that are homosexual either. It would be great if the scouts would stay just that, scouts, but unfortunately that is not how satan operates. You give him an inch and he takes it all.

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