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We made it to church on Sunday and we were really supposed to make it to church on Sunday. I know how much better of a week I have after I have had fellowship. But, forget fellowship, I was in my seat this week because I received a front row ticket to conviction. Matt was speaking on Anger and as usual he nailed it, but it had a profound impact on me, I am angry. It was like every time he said something God was stirring my heart and I was reminded of myself on most days. He talked about pairing your strengths to someone else’s weaknesses (using “you always do this or that’), and how it fuels anger. This is not quite were he convicted me. He nailed me on the what feeds anger, lack of trust in God and shame. The shame got me, he mentioned mothers being shameful because we think we should be further along than what we are, and how it spills out wherever it can go (usually the spouse and children). I never thought about this being the fuel for my anger or even relating to anger at all. That’s me. That being said, I will never be everything I am supposed to without allowing God’s grace in my own life. I am working on reconciling my anger this week. There were other comments on anger that convicted me, but I felt compelled to share this with all my Moms out there. God has placed you as the wife/mother of your family for a reason, trust him and allow yourself some grace. Repent of the shame and allow God to work in you, it is only then that you will move forward.


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