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Me Time

I know as a Mom of three young children “me time” can get away quickly. It took me three bad haircuts (all from the quick cheap places) in a year to finally to take the time to go to someone I knew could do it. I have not had a pedicure in almost two years (I love pedicures and got them routinely up until little James came along). I just recently started buying jewelry (thanks to my Premiere consultant!!) again. I am a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant so I have the skin care/make up down not that I wear make up every day, I just know how to make it work for me. I am now searching for my clothing style. I got off topic. I do not spend time on myself anymore. At one point, I counted weight watchers points for every food I put in my mouth, I woke up between four and five am to get on the elliptical, and I felt way better then than I do now. My daily routine consisted of rejuvenating myself physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally before my kiddos woke up or after they went to bed. I realize I have one more now, but it is just as important to do those things now if not more important. I get completely exhausted playing “horsy” or “ring around the roses” with my children. They wear me down emotionally and mentally to the point of tears many days. I do not necessarily consider “me time” meaning I have to get out of the house away from the children, but more I have to put my priorities in order so I am better equipped to play, teach, and guide my energetic children. It may mean getting up an hour earlier, but I know I sleep better when my four states (physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional) are being taken care of. Plus I just want to be in shape again and I know the hard work that takes!


The Grind

What gives, right…apparently nothing around here. Robby and I are at peak stress because we somehow managed to put way too much on our plates at once. We are in the process of buying a house (quite an ordeal with a lot of time spent on the phone, and if you have little ones you know that is never good!), and I am 81/2 months pregnant with our third which includes being hormonal (girl), tired and uncomfortable. I became a Mary Kay beauty consultant and I really need to be holding more parties, but at the end of the day that is the last thing on my mind. The boys have learned to open and climb on the dishwasher, yesterday they pulled the dresser down on themselves (the bed caught most of the damage) while I was using the restroom for literally maybe a minute (I have learned to go fast in order to avoid catastrophe), and they know how to get child proof locks off of doors. Not to mention they know that some big changes are coming because they are fighting with each other constantly. I feel like I wake up to a battlefield everyday, oh wait, I think I do. James learned to crawl out of his crib so we decided to put him in a big boy bed which he does not stay in for naps. Hopefully this will be fixed when we move and they go to separate rooms. James has also learned to take off his diaper which triggered Joseph into doing it again. I know I need to try to potty train Joseph, but I really do not have the energy and I do not feel like it would be productive for either one of us nor our relationship. This is the grind, we are in the middle of one of the hardest times of our life, raising children, and there are days that I love to be around my children and there are days I think this will never be the time in my life I look back on and say “oh I wish I could go back there again”. Most days I am optimistic and I know this is for a short while then they grow up, but today, today I am just experiencing pure exhaustion.

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