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I have always enjoyed politics, but in a way that made me want to stay on the back burner and watch it all play out. Not anymore. I do not desire my freedoms taken away from me, and I am not talking about freedom to get “free” birth control. I will not take birth control again, and if it is being produced then it is not free…someone’s paying for it. I digress, I am not talking about free products or services (those are nice, but usually drive prices up), I am talking about the freedom to think and make my own decisions. I don’t know when politicians or “the powers that be” decided that they knew what was best for me, but I am not inclined to believe them. I am an intelligent human being and though I have made bad choices before, I still want the freedom to make those bad decisions, and I am well aware that there are consequences to my decisions. For all of the critical thinking and deductive reasoning supposedly “taught” in higher education, there seems to be less and less people using those skills. It all sounds so good on paper and in speeches, but the truth is even the ignorant are not going to like being told what to do and how to think, which is where we are headed. Our politicians have decided they like power and they have forgotten we still live in a country where the people decide the mandates and laws. So this is a call to anyone, who like me always had the issues in the back of their mind, but sat quietly while it slowly got worse. I am a conservative and the main reason I am conservative is because I am not entitled to anything, everything I have today someone fought and paid, mainly with their life, for me to have. Remember, nothing is ever free, someone is paying and the true freedoms, the ones really worth fighting for, are almost always bought with someone’s life.


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