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Me Time

I know as a Mom of three young children “me time” can get away quickly. It took me three bad haircuts (all from the quick cheap places) in a year to finally to take the time to go to someone I knew could do it. I have not had a pedicure in almost two years (I love pedicures and got them routinely up until little James came along). I just recently started buying jewelry (thanks to my Premiere consultant!!) again. I am a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant so I have the skin care/make up down not that I wear make up every day, I just know how to make it work for me. I am now searching for my clothing style. I got off topic. I do not spend time on myself anymore. At one point, I counted weight watchers points for every food I put in my mouth, I woke up between four and five am to get on the elliptical, and I felt way better then than I do now. My daily routine consisted of rejuvenating myself physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally before my kiddos woke up or after they went to bed. I realize I have one more now, but it is just as important to do those things now if not more important. I get completely exhausted playing “horsy” or “ring around the roses” with my children. They wear me down emotionally and mentally to the point of tears many days. I do not necessarily consider “me time” meaning I have to get out of the house away from the children, but more I have to put my priorities in order so I am better equipped to play, teach, and guide my energetic children. It may mean getting up an hour earlier, but I know I sleep better when my four states (physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional) are being taken care of. Plus I just want to be in shape again and I know the hard work that takes!


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